• Ganster CEO Reference
    … utterly remarkable that Rick held the position of CEO for twenty six years … accomplished this feat during a time of unprecedented change … on a more personal note, I have never met anyone who has stimulated me more intellectually than Rick Crandall. He thinks out-of-the-box, he sees the big picture, he creates...
  • Davis CEO Reference
    Rick has a very direct style of quickly getting to the root of essential strategy issues. He asks penetrating questions and quickly distills new information to the business fundamentals that can be acted upon He also keeps very current on tech trends and eCommerce in particular.
  • Shattuck Board Reference
    Rick has been an excellent Director due to his strong technology and "e" background and having run his own company. I believe his particular strengths lie in strategy formulation, marketing and brand development …
  • Dreman Board Reference
    I can wholeheartedly recommend him as a person who is scrupulously honest, a highly knowledgeable and active Director, and someone who is a very strong business and investment executive.
  • Noguchi Board Reference
    … Rick and I serve on the Executive Advisory Board for Beacon IT, a leading enterprise software company in Japan. Rick is particularly good at sensing new industry trends and translating them into what they mean … he is always positive and possesses an ability to logically argue pro's and con's of an Issue without getting...
  • Brownstein Board Reference
    … our great appreciation for your efforts not only as a member of the Board and most recently as Chairman, but also for your expert advice and mentoring … more importantly, you selflessly stepped into the breach to lead when we needed it most.
  • Goldstein Peer Reference
    His keen understanding of the rhythm of technological change and his ability to convert research data into understandable industry trends … I have known Rick for over 35 years and I cannot think of a more capable and effective business mentor.
  • Rockart Board Reference
    As CEO of Comshare, he led the company through two almost complete changes in its core business … major suite is his deep insight into the future of technology…wide range of contacts throughout the industry …
  • Klein CEO Reference
    He is a great source for new and innovative ideas and always presents an unexpected perspective to any strategy discussion… Highly recommend him in the role of a strategic coach for CEO's.
  • Underwood CEO Reference
    As the designated CEO coach, his guidance was invaluable in terms of navigating complex funding transactions, raising capital, executive management, and board management …
  • Givray CEO Reference
    Rick helped me frame and analyze complex, difficult and often times politically charged issues on business strategy, board governance, CEO-board relations, evaluation of executive talent, finance, technology vision, strategic alliances … Rick always was independent from, yet knowledgeable of internal prejudices that allowed...
  • Gilmour CEO Reference
    Tacit is a rapid growth, venture-backed Internet company In Silicon Valley … rare indeed to find someone whose contribution, understanding and insight is effective over as exceptional a range as Rick's. I strongly urge anyone fortunate enough to enjoy access to Rick's counsel to seize the opportunity – immediately and...
  • Mahoney CEO Reference
    He is a respected Director on the Diebold board and Chairman of our Strategic Focus Committee. I am sure that Rick can assist you In strategy formulation, marketing, product development and differentiation, competitive tactics, industry direction ...
  • Spike Board Reference
    He establishes his credibility rapidly through his questions and observations. My statement to you is that Rick has been very effective in the strategy formulations for businesses, which are delicate to portray, particularly if they involve a change in direction for the company.
  • Nolan Board Reference
    The Novell Board has been uniformly impressed with Rick's deep understanding of what makes a high tech software company successful and he is an insightful overseer of our executives team's execution.
  • Massey Board Reference
    As Chair of Diebold's Strategic Focus Committee of the Board, he is bringing a level of planning experience and expertise not previously seen at the company.. Reminds me of the most successful students at The Stanford Business School.