Klein CEO Reference


To Whom It May Concern:

Rick Crandall has served on the Board of Directors for Steeplechase Software, Inc. for the last four years.  He was instrumental in the early formation of Steeplechase’s marketing strategy consulting with us in the area of strategic positioning for both the company and the product.

Rick has played a valuable role to me as CEO, coaching me on executive recruiting and development, competitive strategy, marketing and brand development.  He brings an excellent macro-economic perspective to the board and has a good grasp on the upcoming industry trends and sees changes that software and high technology businesses are facing.

Rick has been a great mentor, and I have learned a great deal in working with him over the last four years.  He is great source for new and innovative ideas and always presents an unexpected perspective to any strategy discussion.

Rick inspires, encourages and pushes not only myself, but my entire executive team to look at the work from a whole different perspective, and to achieve big goals.  I highly recommend Rick in the role of a strategic coach for CEO’s learning to develop high growth companies.


Mike Klein, President & CEO
Steeplechase Software, Inc.