Computer history

  • The 1966 SDS 940 and the Internet
    First computer host to connect to the Internet; SDS 930; Scientific Data Systems; Stanford Research Institute (SRI); Bolt, Berenak & Newman IMP, IMP2; ARPA Network; Where the Wizards Stay Up Late;
  • Rick Crandall BIO by IEEE Annals of Computing
    Founding of Comshare 1966; Rick Crandall timesharing pioneer; joint development with Tymshare, U. Cal. Berkeley; interactive computing; SDS930; SDS940; Scientific Data Systems Sigma 9; timesharing operating systems; early tech IPO in 1968; Crandall Chairman of ADAPSO; ITAA; transition to software products; System W; decision support system; multi-dimensional modeling; On Line Analytical Processing (OLAP), distributed computing; Xerox PARC; interactivity; EIS; Executive Information Systems.
  • Apple 1: The Microcomputer Emerges
    Steve Wosniak and Steve Jobs invention of the Apple 1; formation of Apple Computer Company; major improvement over the Teletype; forshadowing the eventual decline of timesharing; Southwest Technical Products PR 40 alphanumeric printer for Apple I; Larry Nelson original Apple 1 owner and sale to Rick Crandall.
  • Comshare Oral History: Software History Center
    Starting in 1964 University of Michigan Computing Center; Joint development among Comshare (Rick Crandall), Tymshare (Tom O’Rourke, Dave Schmidt, Ann Hardy, Norm Hardy), SDS & U Cal Berkeley (Butler Lampson, Mel Pirtle and Peter Deutsch) in 1965 to 1966; start of multiplexors and networks; transition to software; IBM partnership; ADAPSO IIA merger attempt; partnership with Dow Jones; decision support systems; EIS and Xerox PARC; Enterprise Software Roundtable – software CEO roundtable
  • 1989 Software Magazine Cover Story
    Comshare partnership with IBM; EIS marketplace; IBM Cooperative Software Agreement: competition in Executive Information Systems; Execuchart; EIS Briefing Book; IBM Systems Application Architecture, SAA partners; Dow Jones partnership with a software company; partnership with MSA Management Sciences America John Imlay; Comshare transition from timesharing to a software company.
  • 1986 Adapso 25th Anniversary Keynote Speech
    History of computer software and services; competition with IBM, history of Adapso advocacy; formation and growth of ADAPSO; Non-tariff trade barriers; software as a distinct industry; software international balance of payments; example of ADAPSO helping ComShare transition to a software company
  • Invention of Graphical Executive Information Systems EIS)
    influence of Xerox PARC visit in 1978; Xerox Alto; first mouse, icons, graphical human interfaces; GUI,WYSIWYG, development of Executive Information Systems 1984; EIS; touch screen graphical human factors; Commander EIS; Executive use of computers; executive computing; the CEO Goes On Line; Jack Rockart, business graphics; Strategic Information At Your Fingertips; Warren Mcfarlan at Harvard Business School teaching EIS; first ISV partnership with IBM Information Center; IBM marketing partnership...
  • 1981 Scene Magazine Cover Story
    Comshare history; Comshare timeline chronology; transition from timesharing to software; Execuchart mouse based graphics terminal; Executive team Kevin Kalkhoven; Dick Eidswick; Ian McNaught Davis; Don Devine; Wally Wrathall; Ann Arbor, Michigan’s focus on research and technology
  • 1969 Time-Sharing Article
    the early challenges managing time-sharing systems; load balancing, scalability, human factors; interactive languages; review of in-house vs. commercial timesharing services