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Pelstar, LLC: 91 Years evolution of the Health o meter Doctors beam scale; Rick Crandall, Executive Chairman.

Pelstar, LLC: 97 Years of evolution from the original invention of the Health o meter™ doctor’s beam scale. In 2016 Pelstar was honored with the Private Company Board of the Year Award, growing at triple the market rate and achieving top market...
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Cash Register History

James Ritty invention of the cash register 1878; Incorruptible Cashier; Cash Recording Machine first cash register; National Cash Register Company (NCR) founded by John Patterson, history of marketing; Thomas Watson Sr. fired from NCR, founded IBM based...
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Massey Board Reference

As Chair of Diebold's Strategic Focus Committee of the Board, he is bringing a level of planning experience and expertise not previously seen at the company.. Reminds me of the most successful students at The Stanford Business School.
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