Other Stories

  • Climbing a New York City Skyscraper
    In Hudson Yards, NYC there is a building called the Edge that has the highest cantilevered deck in North America at the 100th floor. We elevatored to there and then went outside to climb to the top!
  • Eight Days Rafting the Entire Grand Canyon
    Rafting the Entire 288- Mile Grand Canyon in 8 Days When: August 5 – 13, 2022 Rafters: Mona and Rick, Lorrie and Larry Winnerman plus about 15 others in two rafts This definitely qualifies as an adventure trip. Eight days on a raft, camping on strips of sand along the Colorado River running through the […]
  • Emme Levy Crandall January 31, 2001 to August 27, 2015
    A Tribute to Emme, Our Australian Terrier, and Her Amazing Life Click the button below to view the story.
  • Corporate BOARD MEMBER – Giga Chairman
    Giga Information Group; new-model technology advisory; separation of Chairman and CEO positions.
  • Diving in Palau Perhaps the Top Site in the World for Serious, Varied Diving
    Brett and Rick on a dive adventure beginning with the tail end of Typhoon Haiyen and then featuring sharks, mantas, caves, wrecks, a lake with 5 million jellyfish and the elusive but astonishing Mandarin fish. We were on a live-aboard, the Ocean Hunter I, a small boat well-suited to our quest for adventure.
  • Las Torres del Paine in the Chilean Patagonia
    Near the tip of South America, highly sculptured towers and horns emerging abruptly from the pampas. 65 miles of hiking accomplishing the “W” signature series to the Italian, French and British camps where climbers have attempted these fearsome towers mostly unsuccessfully due to freezing cold, incessant high winds and challenging climbing.
  • Colorado Mountain Living
    Aspen Sojourner article on the Crandall home in Aspen: “Combine work, fitness, active lifestyle in mountain setting, Aspen, Colorado;” Also Wall St. Journal Article and Photos: “Views Plus Totem Pole.”
  • A Soldier’s Personal Account of World War II
    Nat Crandall in the historic 45th (Thunderbird) Division landing at Anzio Beach; following Patton across France; crossing the Siegfried Line; Bronze star heroics; fighting the German Winter Elite troops, Dachau liberation – and the saving, restoring and putting back into service of Holocaust Torah Scrolls.
  • Galapagos Diving: Hammerheads, Orcas and Riding a Whale Shark!
    Brett and Rick: The Galapagos’ remote islands of Wolf and Darwin has some of the most exciting “big fish” diving with Galapagos Sharks, Orcas, Sea Lions, hundreds of Hammerhead sharks and the biggest fish in the ocean – the Whale Shark.
  • Creation of Authentic Northwest Indian Totem Pole
    The famous carver, Duane Pasco studied the original carving styles of the Pacific Northwest from pre-1900 and re-discovered a nearly lost art. He created this pole in the authentic style and now teaches authentic carving to the native carvers in the Northwest. Includes mythical stories of Thunderbird, Frog, Dolphin and more.
  • Brother Wayne Doing More Than Just Dancing with a Dolphin
    This was shot in Israel in the Red Sea. Rick, son Brett and brother Wayne Crandall went snorkeling with dolphins. I have always felt there is nothing better than wild animal contact, but that stops short of having sex with them.         But then a dolphin picks out Wayne and gets excited. […]