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To whom it may concern:

Reference: Richard Crandall

It is with pleasure and first-hand experience that I recommend Rick Crandall to young technology companies seeking management advice.  Others will attest to his accomplishments in strategy and management; I can also say that he is a very effective CEO mentor.

Over the past three years I called on Rick for advice on sales channel strategy, mergers/acquisitions, market positioning, personal career issues, and more.  In each case he never gave me answers, but more importantly, was always able to provoke me to think through the issues on my own… exactly what an advisor should do.

Rick has a very direct style of quickly getting to the root of essential strategic issues.  He asks penetrating questions and quickly distills new information to the business fundamentals that can be acted upon. The breadth of his experience means that he always has relevant war stories which help shed new light on tough issues.

Not only does Rick have a wealth of previous business experience, he also he keeps very current on technology trends and e-commerce in particular.  Rick’s advice will be invaluable for e-commerce companies.

Hal Davis

President, CEO, Founder
BlueGill Technologies
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Ann Arbor, MI 48104