Spike Board Reference

TO:                              Whom It May Concern

SUBJECT:                 Observations on Rick Crandall in Business Situations 

FROM:                        George B. Beitzel
(OFC: 914-238-1049)

(E-MAIL: spikebb@cloud9.net)

Retired Member of Corporate Office, IBM
(32 years’ service) & IBM Board Member (15 years)
Currently: Board Member of Various Corporations

The purpose of this letter is to report of my first-hand view on Rick Crandall’s abilities to help CEOs and boards in the information technology field.  He has been well regarded in the industry for decades – as a leader and successful CEO.

As a board member, Rick is thorough and incisive, and prefers to state any problem concisely.  He portrays his range of solutions in a positive fashion.  In particular, I find Rick has an extraordinary range of knowledge about players in information technology – at all levels – ranging from CEO down to project manager.  He establishes his credibility rapidly through his questions and observations.  My statement to you is that Rick has been very effective in the strategy formulations for businesses, which are delicate to portray, particularly if they involve a change in direction for the company.  He is very balanced in his interpersonal skills and an extremely value-added member of the discussion.

I recommend Rick Crandall without hesitation