Other Climbs

  • Buffalo Peaks: A Pair of Challenging 13ers
    The Buffaloes are a pair of thirteeners sitting all by themselves surrounded by fourteeners. Not to be intimidated, they present their own set of challenges, not the least of which a sparsity of information on how to climb them. We figured it out, at times, the hard way.
  • Mt. Daly – the “one with the stripe”
    Mt. Daly is on the other side of the saddle from Capitol Peak. It is one of the most visible mountains to those traveling between Aspen and Snowmass. While not a 14er, it is a named 13er with a fun Class 3 ridge-crest climb that is less frequently done. There is also not much written about the best way up, solved here in this story.
  • Mountain Boy Peak Climb – Two Routes … You Choose.
    Difficulty:  Class 2 Exposure:  None Summit: 13,193’ Elevation Gain: 1800’ Roundtrip: 7 miles Trailhead: Independence Pass parking lot at 12,050’ Climbers: Route 1: Rick Crandall; Rick Peckham  July 11, 2015 Route 2: Rick Crandall, Shan Stuart & Emme the 14er Dog July 20, 2006 
  • Flatiron and Superstition Mountain – Arizona
    Superstition Mountain – hidden gold, subterranean extra-terrestrials, Indian legends and a big day of bouldering and rock climbing. Fortunately no cactus jabs or rattlesnake strikes.
  • Twining Peak – A High Thirteener near Aspen
    Twining Peak, 13,711’ near Aspen, Class 2 and dog-friendly. Also called Blue Peak, it is approached on a largely unmarked route that summits Blarney Peak first in order to access a saddle and ridge to Twining. Emme and Alfie, Australian Terriers made the summit with us.
  • Grizzly Peak “A” 13,995′ – East Ridge
    Grizzly Peak is the tallest of all 584 thirteeners in Colorado. We did some route finding to get the best way up – and got up close and personal with "gendarmes."
  • Mt. Sopris via Northeast Ridge
    Mt. Sopris is the icon of the Aspen/Roaring Fork Valley – Happy Birthday to Brett Crandall! This has some route detail since there is not much Mt. Sopris route information that I could find. While not a fourteener, it is a big mountain from bottom to top!