Brother Wayne Doing More Than Just Dancing with a Dolphin

This was shot in Israel in the Red Sea. Rick, son Brett and brother Wayne Crandall went snorkeling with dolphins. I have always felt there is nothing better than wild animal contact, but that stops short of having sex with them.





dancingwithdolphins-1But then a dolphin picks out Wayne and gets excited. I have dived with many dolphins, but I had never seen one so fired up that his pecker was extended – and he’s going after Wayne as his amour.






Then I almost choked, laughing into my snorkel when the dolphin literally jumped on Wayne, clearly seeking penetration.

What happens next is we gathered in a protective knot and the dolphin slinked off like a rejected suitor (which he was).

Then a bigger dolphin came a long and head-butted our paramour away.




Wayne was so proud the dolphin had selected him … until I reminded him that dolphin WAS A MALE looking for a compatible mate. I have often wondered, are there gay dolphins??