A Selection of Phonoliszt-Violina Music Recordings

See O-Rollography: https://www.rickcrandall.net/operators-o-roll-rollography/; Click on a tune name to play the tune.

36037 Meditation from Thais, Jules Massenet;

One of the great encore pieces by one of the world’s best violinists

36097 Der Flegende Holländer Ouvertüre (Flying Dutchman), Richard Wagner;

Wagner was inspired following a stormy sea crossing in 1839

36107 Die Zauberflöte Ouvertüre (Magic Flute), Wolfgang Mozart

Albert Einstein said this was Mozart’s bequest to mankind

37140 Salem Aleikum, K. F. Heberl

A two-step, means “peace be upon you”

38047 Largo, G. F. Handel

Aria written in 1738 for the opera Xerxes which was a failure, but 100 years later Largo became a big hit; often performed at solemn occasions

38094 Naila-Ballett Le Pas de Fleurs, Leo Delibes

A “divertissement” added in 1867 by Delibes to his 1866 opera Naila.

31006 Nocturne, Frederick Chopin

Regarded as Chopin’s most famous piece

31010 Solveig’s Lied, Edvard Grieg

Ludwig Hupfeld used this as a demo roll

31048 Die Fledermaus, Johann Strauss

Ranks 16th most performed operatic work

38059 Elfentanz, Ezra Jenkinson,

His best known work, makes extensive use of spiccato

39018 An der schonen blauen Donau, Johann Strauss

Strauss’s most famous of all orchestral waltzes, unofficial anthem of Austria

38012 Serenade, Charles Gounod;

Popular lullaby