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The complete catalog of all 933 music rolls ever originally produced by Hupfeld for the Phonoliszt-Violina:

Catalog Sorted by Roll Number

Catalog Sorted by Composer

Catalog Notes:                                                                                             
  • Just after the roll # is a roll length indicator (approximate),
    I = 5 – 13.9 meters; II = 14 – 23.9 meters; III = longer than 24 meters
  • The year indicated is the first catalog year in which the roll appeared.
  • The English translations are mine. Corrections are invited!
  • Composer names are sorted last name first

There are 30 roll numbers sprinkled throughout this list on which there is no catalog appearance and either were never made or if you find one not listed here, please send the label info to me.
The Rolls were issued in seven series:

31,000 Romantic Music 37.000 Popular Music and Dances
33,000 Parlor Music 38,000 Classic and Modern
35,000 Automatic Rolls  39,000 Dances and Marches
36,000 Opera and Light Opera    


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